I want to be the first to know! – What do I have to do?

Simply subscribe to our Esprit newsletter in the online shop by entering your e-mail address. (1) enter your email address You also have the chance to subscribe to the newsletter at the checkout after you’ve given us your personal details. Simply tick the Newsletter box (2). tick Newsletter box You’ll receive a 10% voucher for … Read on

How will I benefit from the newsletter?

You’ll always be up-to-date. You’ll receive invitations to events and specials promotions by email, be notified of any competitions and informed of the very latest Esprit items and trends. Don’t miss out!  

How can I take a break from the newsletter?

There is a link to unsubscribe (1) in every newsletter. Click it to take a break from the newsletter. click unsubscribe from newsletter Of course you can also reach us by phone on 020 34 99 77 61 (landline) and let our colleagues take care of it for you.

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