How do I place an order in the online shop?

Found the perfect item? Great! Now select the colour (1) and size (2) you want and put it in the “shopping bag” (3). Tip: If the size you want is already sold out, we’ll inform you if it comes back in stock within the next 30 days. It’s really easy to do: just click on … Read on

The item I want is sold out. What can I do?

Have you fallen in love with something that has already sold out? All is not lost! There is still an option that might help you get the item you want: Click on the sold out size (1). Enter your e-mail address (2) and confirm it by pressing “YES” (3). We will inform you immediately by … Read on

What is a shopping bag and a wishlist?

Imagine that you’re in one of our shops. You’ve found an item you like, put it in your shopping bag and go to the checkout to pay for it. That’s exactly how the online shop works. The shopping bag (1) is your personal carrier bag. Are you still not sure about a certain item and … Read on

What is the minimum and maximum order value?

To keep your shipping costs as low as possible, the minimum order value is £ 15.00. Equal opportunities for all our customers: we ensure that our styles can only be purchased in a limited quantity, so that you, too, can get your style in the desired colour, size and quantity. For this reason we have … Read on

How much is delivery?

High shipping costs spoil the fun of online shopping. We know this, that’s why the standard shipping fees only cost you £ 2.99.

How can I change/cancel an order?

As long as your order has not been shipped, our customer service can change the delivery address for you, add a voucher and cancel individual items or even the entire order. It is not possible to subsequently change the size or colour of an ordered style, or to add another item. In this case, we … Read on

What happens after I place my order?

We’ll check that all your data is complete as soon as you have sent your order. If everything checks out, you’ll immediately receive an email with all information about your order. Your order is then sent directly to our warehouse where our specialists turn your virtual shopping bag into reality and find all your items. … Read on

What do I do if the online shop is not loading properly?

If our online shop isn’t quite doing what you want it to, there are usually two reasons: Reason 1: Your browser does not currently support Java. If this is the case you can simply activate it yourself. We’ll tell you how to do that in a moment. Reason 2: There is obsolete data on file … Read on

Can I also place my order on the Esprit Online Shop for another country?

Would you like to surprise your friends or relatives living in another EU country and send them a gift via the Esprit Online Shop? Or is your favourite style no longer available in your size or colour, but is still on the online shop of a neighbouring country? Esprit is now making it possible for … Read on

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